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Garry's Mod (B2P)
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Best Sandbox Game(Other than Minecraft)

this game is one of the best sandbox game other than Minecraft XD.
In this game you can do many thing like flying rockets, killing terrorists etc. My favorite at the moment on Garry Mod is TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). In this game you either play as a innocent terrorist (really?!) a detective and a Traitor. As a traitor you try to kill all of the innocent terrorists without being spotted. To be honest its quite a fun game providing hours of humorous game play. I love this game as you can play with your friends and this game has been a platform for me meeting new friends and having a great time with others. There are so many different games on Garry Mod which have been inspirational to other games and mini games. One prime example of this good game is called Murder Mystery which is quite a popular game on Minecraft and Garry Mod.
Another great game to play on in Garry Mod is Prop Hunt. This is just like Minecraft Hide "N" Seek but way better in everyday. its better in the way you get to hide as anything you find. Its fun even being on the seekers team also as you get to shoot everything with a real gun instead of Swords or Bows. Death Run game is also quite popular in the Garry Mod community due to big YouTubers as VanossGaming and VikkStar publicizing it and making it extremely popular. Even making people buy (Like Me). The main purpose of Death Run is that one p[person is at a control panel trying to kill the other people. While the other people have to try and escape from the terror who is in the control panel room. This will provide people hours of Gameplay with friends and other people around the world. I love to play Garry Mod i have spent over 200 hours on it.
Now we ca not always talk about the great things about Garry Mod because there are a lot of negatives as there are to the positives. One way Garry Mod is bad is that the loading times to get into any Death Run or Prop Hunt Server take forever. I'm not talking like five minutes. Its took me over 20 minutes to download everything for the Death Run serv er and even when i joined i was disconnected automatically. This leads me to my other point of that you need GOOD INTERNET which is absolutely true. The amount of times i have either lagged out of the game or getting lagged spiked during an intense TTT game is embarrassing. I'm not saying Valve`s Servers are bad but they really should improve it for people who have slow internet (like me). If i would rate this game it would be a 9/10 as it gives solid entertainment to people who want to have fun. Its also makes people meet new people which is kind of the main purpose of games. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to have fun and do anything in a game to.
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Author adiath
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