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Dex Newby
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No Bananas

15.04.2016, 16:39
Why is it that when I complete surverys and stuff that take like 15 minutes I end up not receiving banans? I've done like 18 surverys and only received banans for like 9 of them? :(
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RE: No Bananas - 15.04.2016, 17:56
Michael Newby
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try to check history of it, every offer box has its own support from sponsor - usually right top corner. You can see there what was started, completed - that should help you out to track what went wrong
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RE: No Bananas - 23.05.2016, 01:09
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Make sure you complete the whole survey.Be patient, you'll get your reward.
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RE: No Bananas - 24.05.2016, 13:35 Newby
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