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Photo Rejected

25.12.2017, 07:29
Hey, so I sent in a picture for Wizard 101, for the first task. It has all of the required information, but it was rejected and I was told that it was irrelevant, or not the right game. This might be since I took a picture with my phone, because I can't take a screenshot on my laptop for some reason, but it still had all of the needed information so i'm just confused on why it got rejected. Any ideas?
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RE: Photo Rejected - 26.12.2017, 06:01
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Yes. Do not take an image with your phone and submit it. If, for some reason, you can't screenshot then I advise you to use a third-party program that screenshots. I recommend ShareX; with it you can select what image platform you want it to upload to and it saves a copy of the image on your harddrive (by default if I recall). Once you take a screenshot, find the icon in your notification area and right click. There should be a "History" option. Once you click it you'll be able to browse your recent screenshots and navigate to the location of the screenshot on your harddrive; then you can drag it onto the "Upload" button on the game submission page and you'll be able to submit the screenshot as evidence of your task completion. Best of luck.

This is the "History" I was talking about:
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RE: Photo Rejected - 04.01.2018, 00:02
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Bandicam is an excellant way to capture screenshots of games i use it and it always works. for some reason using Phones or Cameras just doesnt work but using third party items bypass that problem alltogether.
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RE: Photo Rejected - 07.01.2018, 16:57
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You can use Gyazo on PC or if your on mobile,press your power off button and home button simultaneously to take a sceenshot.It may vary depending on your mobile device.Ifso,then search it up,sorry I don't know all of them D:
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