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Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online
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Black Gold Online (Black Gold) - a free client MMORPG in the steampunk genre with elements of a shooter from the first and third person. At the heart of the game is a violent clash of two races alien to each other cultures - a fantasy magical and steampunk civilization.

The big game world is divided into two parts by a mountain range, to the west of which there are
Possession of the steam empire Eisenhorst, and in the east - the magical union of the Erlandir peoples. After
Detection of the Eisenhorst expedition on the Erlandir lands of black gold deposits, the conflict
Becomes inevitable, a total war begins on earth, in the air and on the water. Have
Representatives of mechanical civilization, like the magicians, also have their analogue of "spells."

Therefore, by the gameplay, the parties primarily differ in the system of personal transport. If
Magicians are all kinds of trained beasts, then the "mechanics" are various walking machines,
Cars, tanks and flying equipment. Characters in the game Black Gold are divided into 8
Classes, and those in turn, for three more specializations. The roles of the characters are standard - Tank,
Damager, Support.

A player can enter the guild from the first level. As the guild develops, it gives it
Members various bonuses, additional tasks and a special PvP mode. Guilds can
Conclude alliances and declare war on each other.

The game lacks a common storyline, the player's PvE assignments are aimed at pumping up the character and mastering new skills. The main interest in the game Black Gold Online
Represent the battle of PvP. This Arena is a separate field for one-on-one or
Composition of groups; The Battlefield is a team battle taking place in selected locations; The battle for
Energodokolodtsy - battles between guilds for the possession of a valuable source of bonuses and

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