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Steam Hammer (B2P)

Steam Hammer (B2P)

Steam Hammer (B2P)
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Steam Hammer is a fantasy RPG game in a steampunk setting. This is a sandbox game set in the late 19th-century alternate reality. Play as an explorer, craftsman, architect, industrialist, or conqueror. Craft weapons and armor, build houses, factories and towers, and more!

Steam Hammer utilizes airships as mobile platforms to take over enemy strongholds or as weapons in battle. You can make one by gathering a number of resources and building a dockyard. What's neat is that you can build your own airships! They are built modular and upgradable so you can install and remove a variety of turrets, upgrade fuel tanks, engine and more!. But be careful, your airship has the potential to get shot down or even captured!

Steam Hammer was developed by SF Team and published by Big Way.

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